Environmental Accounting

Ari Rubenstein ue356 at freenet.Victoria.BC.CA
Thu Sep 30 12:34:33 EST 1993

I am writing on behalf of my father Dan Rubenstein [ah310 at freenet.carelton.ca]

Those interested in full-cost accounting that includes the costs of
rivers, air, and land incurred in industrial activity please contact me. 
I have developed an initial methodology for valuing a living forest and
now want to extend application into into other industrial sectors such as
oil & gas and manufacturing.  The objective is to develop a framework for
accounting for sustainable development.  Those interested in dialoging
please contact me at:

	Dan Rubenstein [ah310 at freenet.carleton.ca]

Also, are there any USENET groups which deal with the topic of
environmental accounting.

Thank You! :)

Ari Rubenstein
ue356 at freenet.victoria.bc.ca

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