Need info on recA

Barbes-Morin Guillaume barbesmg at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Fri Apr 1 19:58:04 EST 1994

To all bionetters,

	I am a microbiology student and am currently doing a school paper on the
different roles of recA in E.coli. Most of the references I have put a lot
of emphasis on plain general recombination as a way to generate genetic

	I also have a review by M.M. Cox (Molecular Microbiology
(1991)5(6), 1295-1299) suggesting that recA would have evolved primarly
for recombinationnal repair.

	I would appreciated any suggestion on newer or older articles or
reviews that insist on this point of view.

	If you have ANYTHING, please e-mail me or post. 

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