a felony

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Sun Apr 3 20:16:14 EST 1994

In article <2nmqd2$sri at>, dan at (Daniel Zabetakis) writes:
>In article <1994Apr1.191412.15817 at>,
>Matthew Weed <mattweed at edith.Princeton.EDU> wrote:
>   It was also the traditional usenet-April-Fools-Day-Forged-n.a.i-Post.
>Didn't it sound a little informal to be a real FBI release?
>>Finally, we wish to inform you that David Rhodes himself is in a
>>Federal Correctional Institution for his part in the origination
>>of this scam and will not see the light of day until the year
>>1997, barring parole or pardon from higher authority.
>  This line was a riot.
>This article is for entertainment purposes only. Any facts, opinions,
>narratives or ideas contained herein are not necessarily true, and do
>not necessarily represent the views of any particular person.  

Even better, wasn't Melvin Purvis the "G-man" that got Bonnie & Clyde? or 
some such criminal?

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