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Mon Apr 4 10:09:00 EST 1994

In Article <1994Apr1.191412.15817 at Princeton.EDU> "mattweed at edith.Princeton.EDU (Matthew Weed)" says:
> This comes from news.announce.important,
> and has relevance to the storm of postings that we've seen here lately:
> From yale!!!MathWorks.Com!!!vermont!unh!wire!wiretap!amherst!feline!halt!tygra!zuma!fbi Fri Apr  1 13:41:19 EST 1994
> Article: 59 of news.announce.important
> Newsgroups: news.announce.important
> Path:!yale!!!MathWorks.Com!!!vermont!unh!wire!wiretap!amherst!feline!halt!tygra!zuma!fbi
> From: purvis at (Melvin Purvis)
> Subject: 'Make Money Fast' Scam
> Message-ID: <040194aa-purvis at>
> Sender: usenet at
> Organization: FBI
> Date: Fri, 1 Apr 1994 04:52:38 GMT
> Approved: news-announce-important at
> Lines: 40
> [Moderator's note: this posting is approved on behalf of the FBI,
> which has stepped in to investigate the massive spree of fraud
> being committed by the MAKE.MONEY.FAST posters.]
> To the USENET Community:
> You may be familiar with a rash of postings to various newsgroups
> by various entities purporting to describe a scheme by Mr. David
> Rhodes of Oxford, Kentucky on the subject of "Make Money Fast."  
> These schemes have as their theme a list of people to whom you,
> the mark, should send money -- followed by reposting of the
> article with your name added to the list.  In this wise, the scam
> purports, everyone who participates will become fabulously rich.
> The FBI wishes to inform you that under no circumstances should
> you:
>      1) Believe that this scam will work.  It won't.  It's a
>           classic con principle to promise massive returns on
>           your meager investment.
>      2) Participate in the re-posting of the article.  If you do
>           so, you are guilty of a Class IV felony.
>      3) Propagate this scam further in any way.
> We wish to further inform you that cases are pending in the
> federal courts against several individuals who disregarded U.S.
> statutes and attempted to defraud their fellow citizens.
> Finally, we wish to inform you that David Rhodes himself is in a
> Federal Correctional Institution for his part in the origination
> of this scam and will not see the light of day until the year
> 1997, barring parole or pardon from higher authority.
> Thank you for doing everything you can to stamp out this scam. 
> Confidence men benefit no one but themselves.  Don't fall victim
> to schemes like this.
> Sincerely,
> Melvin Purvis, FBI
	With all the money budgeted to the FBI, does the FBI lack a gateway 
to the INTERNET? Why does the FBI have to use a machine at Princeton 
University? Of course, merely noticing this is probably a thought crime while
publically announcing it is a felony.
> -- 
> "It may not be true, as Lincoln Supposed, that you can't fool all of the
> people all of the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large
> country."  Will and Ariel Durant: _The Lessons of History_ 1969. 
> mattweed at	MPA candidate/WWS:95, (609)258-8236

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