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Subject: Quiz Bowl Questions

I am soliciting readers for questions to be used in a Quiz Bowl
for wildlife, fisheries, forestry, ecology, and environmental
sciences undergrads.  Quiz Bowl questions should be in short answer
format (no multiple choice, true or false, etc.)

For example:

A graphical description of the loss of individuals in a population
over time is called a ___________ ?            (survivorship curve)

The account of the Kaibab Plateau mule deer eruption was first made
famous by _____________ ?                            (Aldo Leopold)

What family of fish are commonly known as catfishes?  (Ictaluridae)

Increasing concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide have been
recorded at this famous location since the 1950's?
                                    (Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii)

I think you get the idea.  Keep in mind that these questions are
designed to test the factual knowledge of Junior and Senior
undergraduates in the environmental sciences.  We are particularly
interested in questions related to wildlife and natural resources

Please post questions directly to me rather than to the newsgroup.
I will be happy to supply a summary of suggested Quiz Bowl questions
to all who are interested.  Sorry for crossposting, and thanks in
advance!  :)

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