water toxicity

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Tue Apr 5 18:14:41 EST 1994

Kaye Matkins (kmatkin at calvin.linfield.edu) wrote:
: Hello everyone.

: I'm part of a group in my high school doing a drinking water quality 
: study for an honors class.  We've obtained all the testing results from 
: the water suppliers in our area, but have one more problem left.

: We now have pages and pages of lists of chemicals and the amounts found, but 
: no information as to what toxic effects they might have on humans.  We've 
: checked all kinds of chemistry/organic chemistry books, but have found 
: very little data on toxicity of specific chemicals.  Any suggestions??? 

: And, does anyone know if the DEQ has an email address?  =)


: Luke Matkins
: kmatkin at calvin.linfield.edu  <-- yup, it's my mom's account!

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