Craig Sherwood lives! Let's kill him.

James B. Hutchins jbh at anat.UMSMED.EDU
Tue Apr 5 19:22:37 EST 1994

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>Sorry about the waste of bandwidth...
>We have been having an outbreak of "send a card to Craig Sherwood"

You mean Craig Shergold?
>posts here in Florida.  Does anyone have the files on him?  I recall
[stuff deleted]

You can do what I did: call the Make-A-Wish Foundation (sorry, don't have the
number, but it's in suburban Atlanta, I think) and ask for their information
packet *on this very subject* (well, okay, on killing the urban legend, not
on killing Craig himself :-) ).

You will get an info packet in return.

If someone wants to help out by posting the phone number and/or address of
the foundation (I think the full name is Children's Make-A-Wish Foundation),
that will save me looking it up :-).


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