Apoptosis vs necrosis

Robert C. Colgrove robin at alumni.caltech.edu
Thu Apr 7 22:18:59 EST 1994

wzhou at emoryu1.cc.emory.edu writes:
>Dear Netters:  What is the single most important distinctions between these 
>two kinds of cell death?  I am puzzled by the traditional classifications.   
>Few days ago, I post a message asking whether apoptotic bodies would exclude 
>trypan blue.  I got only one response.  Do apoptotic cells maintain their 
>membrane intergrity?  
>wzhou at bimcore.cc.emory.edu

To repeat an old quip about T-Cell mediated killing:

Apotosis is Suicide; necrosis is murder.

I would give a more complete answer
but I am typing with one hand while trying to calm
a fussy infant with the other...


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