Announcement: Gopher Server at FASEB

Dr. Vincent Shan xshan at
Thu Apr 7 19:23:53 EST 1994

     Announcement: Gopher Server at FASEB

A gopher server at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental
Biology (FASEB) has been established. The aim is to provide information 
services to the members of the FASEB societies and to those who work in 
the biomedical and biological fields. Currently, the server provides 
announcements of meetings and conferences in the biomedical and biological 
fields, member directory of all FASEB societies, FASEB campus directory, 
FASEB news letter, public policy statements and reports, and job 
opportunities at FASEB. The FASEB member societies also provide 
information services to their members through the FASEB gopher server.


FASEB is the largest coalition of life sciences societies in the United 
States, and represents over 42,000 biomedical and biological scientists. 
FASEB society members are committed to performing fundamental research 
and education in their disciplines. Our mission is to support the program 
needs of the member societies in education, logistic support, and a 
unified voice on public affairs, in order to influence the biomedical 
research issues that are important to the members of FASEB societies.

If you need any additional information or have any suggestions, please 
send email to: admin at

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