questions for geneticians

Marchal Sebastien ae-93-05 at
Fri Apr 8 08:42:34 EST 1994

 My name is marchal sebastien. I am a stident
at the lausanne federal institue of technology (EPFL)
 and i am finishing a survey of the curent trend 
in biotechnology. I would like to get the opinion 
of some of you that are involved in this field. 
Here are some points where I'd greatly appreciate 
some feedback .

If you don't have that much time to spend, 
just answer one or two question if you can.

My e-mail adress is ae-93-05 at

ps : if you could just include what you're activity 
in the domain of biotechnology is, i'll be an happy

these info will be used just copy pasted in the survey 
wihtout interpretation of course.

-> I have an article from AMBIO about "Ecological risk assessment of
the delibarate release of genetically modified microorganisms". Is
it such an hot subject ?

-> What do you think about the reaction of people that are usually
afraid by all the research in genetic (at least 68% are feard by these
research here in switzerland)

-> UN wanted that access to bilogical ressource should be easy
(Convention on biological diversity,5 june 1992). Are we heading
this way ?

-> do you think that government, as they have stated at rio, are
 pushing the development of  "genetically helped" bioremediation

-> does the overrall genetic reserach got a boust due to the human
genom project effort for increased productivity via faster
sequencing or new ideas ?

-> some think (Albert Jacquard) that it is mearly impossible to
link complex behavior like high intelligence to a specific set of
genes. If it's true, don't you think it's the scientific communiti's
responsability to inform the media that we are not "genetic
robot" and put an end to some kind of eugenism ?

-> in a related subject, do you think that the fear provoqued by
genetic research is relevant (like cloning, eugenism, racial
discremination) and why ?

-> What about the patentability of gene ?. Do you think today's
situation is satisfactory ?

	   Marchal sebastien .

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