Apoptosis vs necrosis

Mr Neville Steven Percy spbcnsp at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Apr 8 18:09:48 EST 1994

>wzhou at emoryu1.cc.emory.edu writes:
>>Dear Netters:  What is the single most important distinctions between these 
>>two kinds of cell death?  I am puzzled by the traditional classifications.   
>>Few days ago, I post a message asking whether apoptotic bodies would exclude 
>>trypan blue.  I got only one response.  Do apoptotic cells maintain their 
>>membrane intergrity?  

Apoptotic cells maintain their integrity whilst they are busily dis-asssembling
themselves for the convenience of their neighbours, but within a few hours (if 
that) they are going to be gone.  The very speed of this process means you can't
necessarily find any apoptotic cells to study, and the moment when the membrane
gives out must be very hard to determine.  I suppose it's pretty late, since 
this membrane is used to parcel up all the organelles and 'bleb' them off in 
what might be termed bite-sized packages' for subsequent digestion by their
neighbours.  And it must retain its integrity until safely inside these cells
if is to avoid risking any inflammatory response.

					Nev   (:>

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