Anyone know about RFLPs?...Need Info!!!SKIP

deustachio at deustachio at
Mon Apr 11 10:10:26 EST 1994

>      I would like to know how (exactly) RFLPs are used to search for
> mutations (ie. used as a diagnostic tool) when the variations in fragment
> length exist naturally. Also, why do these polymorphs exist. If you could
> summarize the information in terms that an introductory student of
> Genetics could understand, I would really appreciate it. 

The first two chapters of Scriver et al. "The Metabolic Basis of
Inherited Disease" (McGraw Hill, 1989 - 6th edition) are a fine place
to look for such an introduction (and the remaining 2800 pages are a
fine disease-by-disease survey that, while now a bit out of date,
still do a first-rate job of showing how the basic principles are
applied to specific problems, and of illustrating most of the
approaches now in use).

Peter D'Eustachio
NYU Medical Center - Biochemistry

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