looking for hookworm photos & articles for class

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Sat Apr 9 03:33:19 EST 1994

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dtam at orion.it.luc.edu (David Tam) writes:
>I am taking a parasitology class and am interested in study of 
>hookworms...any advice?  Thanks, Kimberly.

For starters, check out the references in "Foundations in Parasitology"
by Schmidt and Roberts, also look at the chapter on hookworms in "Clinical 
Parasitology", Beaver, Jung, and Cupp. The references contained in those
2 basic texts will give you a good start toward deciding what interests you
most, and the literature you need to consult. You should also do a literature
search on Schadd, G.A. as he has the most prolific publication record on 
Hookworms. Good luck !!!!!

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