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> My son is doing a research paper for 7th grade.  The topic is the use
> of hormones in our society.  He is looking at the bovine hormone
> to increase milk production and the growth hormone used in humans.
> are there any good sources of information available?  Are there
> any other common uses of hormones that would be helpful to look at?
> Thanks from Josh...
> Mike Kost
> kost at

How about insulin, the hormone that keeps diabetics alive?  It used to be
isolated from pigs or cows, but was slightly different from the human version,
and caused allergic reactions in some patients. Recombinant insulin is now 
made from the human gene in E Coli.  (called Humulin by one of the drug

Other VERY commonly prescribed hormones for humans:  Birth control pills and
post-menopausal estrogen replacement therapy.  Over the counter pregnancy tests
are detecting a hormone present only in pregnant women.

Thyroid hormone therapy for thyroid problems, including the sort the Bushes
(1st lady & first dog) had.

For more information, try asking your local pharmacist.  Those folks have 
quite a lot of knowledge about what is being prescribed, and
sometimes enjoy getting to share it with the public, instead of just being
treated as pill-counters. 

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