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Gary Summer (gsummer at ER6.RUTGERS.EDU) wrote:

: I am attempting to write a paper on the development of the hydrophobic
: interaction column chromatography method.  I am desperately seeking any
: leads to the original paper that introduced this method or any other
: papers that played a role in its development as a useful method of
: separation. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Information
: can sent to gsummer at

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A good place to start with is

Robert K. Scopes
Protein purification -- principles and practice
Springer Verlag

It's a very good text -- if you ever do protein purification, you should
read it. The book is now in its third edition. I have the second here, and
it gives three references:

Er-el, Z., Zaidenzaig, Y., and Shaltiel, S. (1972): Hydrocarbon-coated
  Sepharoses: Use in the purification of glycogen phosphorylase.
  Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 49, 383-390
Hofstee, B. H. J., and Otillio, N. F. (1978): Modifying factors in hydrophobic
  protein binding by substituted agaroses. J. Chromatogr. 161, 153-163
Ochoa, J. L. (1978): Hydrophobic (interaction) chromatography. Biochimie 60,

Hope that helps,


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