Apoptosis vs. necrosis

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In article <1994Apr13.185159.1758 at alw.nih.gov> bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov (Bernard Murray) writes:
>In article <199404131655.JAA01867 at net.bio.net>, CGE at CU.NIH.GOV writes:
>> The definition from Dorland's medical Dictionary:
>> Apoptosis is derived from the Greek Apo- [meaning separation
>> or derivation from] and -ptosis [silent p, meaning downward
>> displacement]. Apoptosis = a falling off.
>> Dale, what is so strange sounding about apo-tosis? There are
>> many 'pt' words with a silent p - pteridine, pterygoid, Ptolemy,
>> asymptote, pteridophyte, ptarmigan, ptomaine, and every kids
>> favorite - pterodactyl.
>> Graham
>Andrew Wyllie pronounces it as per the Greek derivation (silent p) and I assume
>he has some say in the matter.  However, since many people over here can't
>even pronounce his name correctly I think this is a lost cause.
> Personally, I'm no purist and enjoy the ay-POP-toh-siss (said with a
>distinct Southern drawl) that seems to be the norm around here.  Also, at the
>FEBS meeting in Dublin in 1992 another derivation of the name was put forward
>which supports the non-silent P....
>Spontaneously dying cell resembles Popcorn
>When encountered, flasks of dying cells are usually tossed in the bin/trash
>so...     A "pop"!  Toss it!
>(My apologies to the original author of this who had the advantage of a set
> of slides to put the point across)
>   Bernard
>Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
>bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)
thanks for the note.  most of the discussion of apoptosis is taking
place in bionet.molbio.ageing (ageing at net.bio.net).  I was interested
in getting it going in bionet.cellbiol (cellbiol at net.bio.net) but
not too many people are interested there.  i personally would prefer
that it not be in bionet.general--it's too slow to get through it!
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