Professor Farnsworth's guide to Introductory Biology

Mon Apr 18 08:27:35 EST 1994

Hello netters.
   I saw a copy of a book that I believe had the title "Professor Farnsworth's
guide to Introductory Biology" four years ago.  The book was a slim paperback
and out lined a series of talks in an introductory biology course presented in
a novel fashion.  I have been trying to track the book down unsuccessfully.
I have tried checking in "Books in Print"(American) and searching various
library catologs.  Obviously my memory is faulty.  Is anyone in the net
familiar with the book?  Can you correct my memory and/or tell me who the
publisher may be?  As I mentioned the book is a slim paperback.  Each chapter
outlines how the Professor gives a lecture to his class on a different aspect
of biology.  For example, he gives a lecture on 'life' and shows up for class
on a Harley dressed in leather to the strains of "Born to be Wild" and gets
is class to define life, pointing out flaws in initial definitions by arguing
how they may also apply to his motorcycle.

Thanks in advance.

Barry Campbell
Department of Biology
Queen's University in Kingston

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