Apoptosis vs. necrosis

John Woods eanv20 at castle.ed.ac.uk
Mon Apr 18 07:19:20 EST 1994

CGE at CU.NIH.GOV writes:

>The definition from Dorland's medical Dictionary:

>Apoptosis is derived from the Greek Apo- [meaning separation
>or derivation from] and -ptosis [silent p, meaning downward
>displacement]. Apoptosis = a falling off.

>Dale, what is so strange sounding about apo-tosis? There are
>many 'pt' words with a silent p - pteridine, pterygoid, Ptolemy,
>asymptote, pteridophyte, ptarmigan, ptomaine, and every kids
>favorite - pterodactyl.

Not forgetting Swimming Pool.  :-) 

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