Professor Farnsworth's guide to Introductory Biology

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>Hello netters.
>   I saw a copy of a book that I believe had the title "Professor Farnsworth's
>guide to Introductory Biology" four years ago.  The book was a slim paperback
>and out lined a series of talks in an introductory biology course presented in
>a novel fashion.  I have been trying to track the book down unsuccessfully.
>I have tried checking in "Books in Print"(American) and searching various

>For example, he gives a lecture on 'life' and shows up for class
>on a Harley dressed in leather to the strains of "Born to be Wild" and gets
>is class to define life, pointing out flaws in initial definitions by arguing
>how they may also apply to his motorcycle.

Professor Farnsworth is an alter ego created by Frank Hepner.  He
was an exchange professor here at NMSU.  I think I posted about the
Harley lecture when we were on the thred of defining life.  It is
quite a sight, although Frank left his Harley in Rhode Island.  I
cant give you the publisher of the book, but I can put you in touch
with Frank.  His Address is Dr. Frank Hepner, Dept. of Zoology,
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881, USA (phone:

Frank is a "specialist" in trying to make introductory biology
accessable to the non major and is a real font of information on
things that work (and some that don't too)

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