Georg Rast rast at Informatik.TU-Muenchen.DE
Mon Apr 18 04:42:14 EST 1994


I recently started rearing different species of Phasmids, but I suppose I'm
doing something wrong with the incubation of their eggs. Either temperature
or humidity or maybe both seem to be wrong. In the literature known to me
only recommendations for common species like Extatosoma tiaratum or carausius
morosus are given but not for Oreophoetes peruana or different Phyllium species.
Does anyone have reliable information about incubation conditions for those
animals and other more "exotic" species?
Moreover I'm very grateful to everybody who is able to help me enlarging
the diversity of my collection - my most wanted species is Acrophylla wuelffingi.
Thanks for any information.

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