International Summer School

Kari Airenne airenne at
Tue Apr 19 03:33:54 EST 1994

	    1-26 August 1994, Jyvaskyla, Finland

The aim of the International Summer School is to offer advanced
courses in various topics to both undergraduate and graduate 
students. The School is organised by the Faculty of Mathematics
and Natural Sciences at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.

The program of the 4th International Summer School consists of
courses on the following topics:
	* protein folding and trafficking
	* modern biotechnology
	* environmental protection
Each course comprises 40 contact hours including lectures, 
practical demonstrations, and also discussions based on 
introductions by students.

Application deadline for the School is 30 April 1994.
Tuition fee is FIM 1000.

Further information:	Ms Marja Korhonen
			Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
			University of Jyvaskyla
			PO Box 35
			FIN-40351 Jyvaskyla

			Telephone: +358 41 602 200
			Fax: +358 41 602 201
			E-mail: iss4 at
			Gopher: gopher

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