A NEW NEWSGROUP? bionet.molecular.modelling

Rafael N Szeinfeld szeinfel at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Wed Apr 20 11:12:34 EST 1994

On 20 Apr 1994, Stas Philippe wrote:

> Hi,
> Are there other people that think that a MOLECULAR MODDELING newsgroup
> would fit into the Bionet structure?
> It would be a forum of all modellers, i.e. not depending on wath program
> used (Hyperchem, Biosym, BRUGEL, Quanta, ...) or on wath system they
> work (Silicon, Evans, Mac, PC, ...)
> I therefor would like to start a discussion about this group, if others
> are interested.
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	I think these newsgroup would fit the biosci structure only if it 
major goal where to discuss the ideas behind all these programs where i 
mean not only the algorhitms but also the physical and chemical aspects 
or better supositions you're doing when you use these programs. I used 
for some time Quanta 3.3 and WHATIF and these programs where black boxes 
to me even though I'm physicist & biochemisist with a strong background 
in FORTRAN programing. 
	My felling is that who make the program knows nothing about the
physics and chemistry behind it and who tells the first guy what to do
cannot undestand what he made and then the black box is born. 
	I would be happy to join these newsgroup in the terms above.
	Sincerly yours,

			Rafael Najmanovich Szeinfeld

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