Which ELISA plate reader to purchase?

Thomas Wong twong at civil.ubc.ca
Fri Apr 22 02:08:03 EST 1994

I'm posting this for my brother. Please reply either as a posting in
this newsgroup, ot to his email address provided below.
Thank you.

My supervisor is thinking of purchasing an ELISA microtiter
plate reader. We only need a simple one that measures at the
end point. No incubation or shaking, etc. But we don't want
one where one has to move the plate around by hand. Either a
connection to a PC or an attached printer, which ever is
cheaper, will be ok. We've found dozens of people who make
these and every salesman says their machine is best. It's
totally confusing. We would appreciate any suggestions,
recommendations, stories, etc. anyone can offer. Thanks.

Donald Wong
userDONO at mtsg.ubc.ca
Pathology, UBC

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