Image Analysis Software?

Dawei Li dli at
Fri Apr 22 01:16:05 EST 1994


     I need a software to analyse scanning image quantitatively. The images are
usually gel bands and dot blots. I used "NIH image" for mac before and I liked 
it. But now I'm in a PC lab. (bad computer choice, PC are for the sectories 
murmoring technical jargans)

     My question is: anyone on the net know how to get the  NIH image for PC 
(if there's such a thing and if its a share ware)? Any other suggestions for 
good analysing programs? (by the way, I'm realy tired of most of the PC 
programs --- the programers don't have user in mind).

Thank you in advance! Sorry about the PC complains.

Dawei Li, Dept. Med. Biochem. OSU. 614-292-3406

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