Mycoplasma Contamination in TC

T P Ramkumar ramu at
Fri Apr 22 10:13:50 EST 1994


	We, in our lab are concerned about Mycoplasma contamination in 
our tissue culture facility, and would like to ask you guys a few questions.
But, first -

-PCR diagnosis of our cell lines showup positive for one species of Mycoplasma. 
_Membrane fusions in few cell lines have been observed.

So, the questions i have are:

1. Is there a more reliable way to diagnose mycoplasma infection, esp. since
i'm a bit wary of PCR ?

2. If at all there is Myco. infection, what would be an effective way to 
get rid of it ? Dumping all cells, scrubbing with bleach etc ??

3. What are the chances of the infection jumping on to other clean cell 
lines when there is no direct/indirect contact between the two, ie. no 
cross utilization of media etc.

4. Can myco. be picked up from a contaminated laminar flow ??



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