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Thu Apr 21 01:33:00 EST 1994

Dowdy, dowdy at (Dowdy Jackson), declared:

DJ+I will be forming a new newsgroup which will allow both minority scientists 
  +science students, who are interested or involved in biomedical research,
  +ie Molecular Biology,Cell biology,etc, an opportunity to interact with one
  +     This forum will allow minority scientists to discuss issues that are of
  +interest to them and it will allow minority science students a chance to
  +their issues regarding what its like to be involved in biomedical research w
  +scientists who are currently involved in that type of research.
  +    The "soc" extention stands for "Scientists of Color", just in case you
  +wanted to know.

If you will post your home or office address I will snailmail you my 
copy of Thomas Sowell's excellent "Preferential Policies, An 
International Perspective."   Reading it may deter you from getting 
involved in this extremely dubious-sounding enterprise.
Black people maybe got a lot of problems, most of which are white 
people, but it is extremely unlikely that there are a significant 
number of problems qua scientists.  Other than the problems scientists 
have qua scientists with scientists, that is....

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