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In article <2p4tie$obd at> wkuhl at (Wkuhl) writes:
- I have recently purchased a bat house and would like information on how I can 
- attract bats to live in it.  I have bats frequently flying around the yard and
- would like to encourage more to stay in the area.  Any information would be
- appreciated.  Thanx.

Good choice!  

'BATS', the quarterly magazine of Bat Conservation International, had
an article last spring on success rates of various styles of bat houses.  I lent my 
issue to someone who still has it, but you can probably get a back issue directly from
BCI.  My recollection is that in general, the bats like big houses up high. 

The address I have for BCI is:
	P.O. Box 162603
	Austin, TX 78716-2603 

but I believe they may have moved since then.  You can get their phone number from information
in Austin, Texas.  (They are definitely still in Austin.)

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