Slides for Presentations? [recommended refs.]

A H Henry bspahh at
Fri Apr 22 09:27:57 EST 1994

In the referenced article, dean at (Dean Pentcheff) writes:
>If you are in the business of presenting data graphically, whether by
>slides or in publications, then run (do not walk) and get hold of the
>following two books:
>Tufte, E.R. (1983) The visual display of quantitative information.
>	Graphics Press, Cheshire, Connecticut.
>Tufte, E.R. (1990) Envisioning information.  Graphics Press.
>Tufte has a remarkably clear and level-headed approach to presenting
>information graphically.  I do not agree with every one of his specific
>recommendations, but his approach is exemplary.  I think differently
>about presenting data, having read and viewed his books.

I got both of these books from a UK distributor after seeing an advert
in the colour supplement of the Observer (!).  The address is at home
if anyone is interested.  They cost about GBP 25 each, but are printed
on nice paper, and are nice enough to read that I have used them almost
as coffee table books.

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