A NEW NEWSGROUP? bionet.molecular.modelling

Stas Philippe philstas at vub.ac.be
Fri Apr 22 03:42:40 EST 1994

L.A. Moran (lamoran at gpu.utcc.utoronto.ca) wrote:
: I think it's time to post statistics on the number of postings in various
: bionet newsgroups. Are all of the recently created newsgroups generating
: lots of traffic?

: Dave K. - are you listening?

Well, I have the impression some new groups (f.i. molbio.hiv) generate
very small amount of traffic. This could be due that scientist do not
use news a lot yet. For a modelling group,this is different, since it's
a computer-bound subject, so people are more tented to use the net.
As for bionet.computational: I do believe the name is too vague, wath is
it about? In bionet .software is allready more traffic, just because the
subject is restricted.
To filter out the interesting articles about modelling, in proteins,
xtallography and software, the molecular-modelling group could do it.


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