Slides for Presentations? [color and techniquerecommended refs.]

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>After going with blue-background slides (with white lettering/graphs) for
>some time, I have reverted to mainly clear slides with black lettering.

As you say it is a matter of preference. I use a blue background with
yellow text. it provides sufficent contrast, but is not harsh on the eyes.
You can also get similar results with kodak ektagraphic hc, it results in a
black background, but text can be colored by sandwiching a gel in the frame.
I've used the ektagraphic approach for years (before the film recorder era)
and it works well if you are in a place without access to great resources. 
If you have a copy stand that is ideal, but hardcopies can also be photographed
with a tripod (because shutter speed is so slooooow 1/4 to 1 sec) and 
100 watt light bulbs for illumination (if thats all that's available). This
system is quite adaptable so even a grad student at a biological research
station can get a paper together at the last minute, and provide the illuison
that it was prepared well in advance. Good luck!!

CT Faulkner, Univ of TN, Knoxville

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