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Sat Apr 23 23:10:00 EST 1994

I have no hesitation in entering into this kind of ballsup.  The good 
Ajouk, woman who lives withme and supports me in many ways, was 
invited to a "civil rights" meeting in the Jane-Steeles area of 
Toronto a couple years ago.  
Jane-Steeles is governed by black gangs.  One of the big interesting 
problems for us outsiders is the Jamaicans: many large criminal gangs 
consist of Jamaicans, but on the other hand Jamaican-Canadians are 
leaders in accountancy, in education, in music, and it may well be in  
crime prevention.
Same goes for the Vietnamese.  There have been a large number of 
horrible crimes committed by Viets against Chinese-Canadians in the 
last five years. Fortunately there have been huge numbers of 
convictions: apparently the community rallied around, trusted 
the police, and decided they were not willing to put up with this shit.
I predict that in the coming generation we shall see both Jamaican and 
Vietnamese members of city council -- in exactly the same way as Nathan 
Phillips was elected Mayor with the help of old Mafia money from the 
Meyer Lansky '30's and 40's.
            Remember you heard it here first...


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