Slides for Presentations? [recommended refs.]

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Sat Apr 23 23:04:41 EST 1994

In article <Coo06M.7rq at> bspahh at (A H Henry) writes:
>In the referenced article, dean at (Dean Pentcheff) writes:
>>Tufte, E.R. (1983) The visual display of quantitative information.
>>	Graphics Press, Cheshire, Connecticut.
>>Tufte, E.R. (1990) Envisioning information.  Graphics Press.

Tufte's critiques are excellent, especially with regard to
gratuitous color and 3D effects. Some of his propositions,
however, has been found wanting [e.g. Lewandowsky & Spence,
"The Perception of Statistical Graphs," _Sociological
Methods and Research_, Vol 18.  Nos 2 & 3, Nov. 89,
Feb 90, pp. 200-242.] --it is possible to remove too
much non-data ink.

My rule of thumb is the higher the production values, the more
dubious the content.  Sales reps always have nice slides.


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