Question on XY stuff, please help?

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Sun Apr 24 12:47:25 EST 1994

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>Hello bio people,
>I'm sorry if this is not the exact place for this question, but I was
>wondering if someone could answer a simple question...
>I was talking with a group of people about people whose XY chromosomes are
>"screwy," like XXY, etc, and someone recalled hearing about men who were
>for some reason EXTRA-masculine.  That is to say, they were very hairy and
>extremely aggressive, very MALE.  We wondered if it were in ANY way
>possible to get an set of chromosomes that were XYY, or how genetically
>this could happen.  Could someone be XYY, or maybe just Y ?  Thanks in
>advance to anyone who answers!
>Geoff Camp

Yes, variations of Xs and Ys are possible.  Several years ago it was popular to
look for 'supermales' among prison populations because of their aggressive

One possible mechanism for such combinations is a mistake in meiosis leaving
gamates with two sex chromosomes instead of just one or none at all.

Pretty much any human genetics text should answer your questions on human sex

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