Howard Kaplan hkaplan%UDCVAX.BITNET at VTBIT.CC.VT.EDU
Wed Apr 27 09:36:10 EST 1994

I am a member of an organization where, in almost all of the categories com-
monly used, I am in a distinct minority.  But, I am not underserved.  With the
mix making up the U.S. population, and with more and more people identifying
with one or more finite groups, we could said to be a population of minorities.
Also, the term "minority" carries with it he implication of being out of the
mainstream, whatever that may be, a negative cachet.  Wouldn't it make more
sense to use the term "underserved"?  This would allow for identification of
problems, not designations of people, and would also allow for development of
programs that would be designed to solve problems, not eliminate labels.
Or is this all semantics?  And if so, let's deal with that.

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