Help with BSA

Richard S. Fee rsfee at
Thu Apr 28 03:02:55 EST 1994

I'm looking for some information on Bovine Serum Albimun.
I have a reasonably pure sample (commercial grade- fractionated)
of BSA which appears to have a fluorescent impurity that  
absorbs around 350nm and fluoresces around 450nm. I really don't
know anything about BSA, so some general info would be useful. 
Specifically, though I'm wondering if I can use 3K microcon filters
to concentrate the BSA and therefor remove the impurity. If so, do
I have to worry about BSA aggregation. If this procedure does not make
sense, what is the best way to clean my sample up. My second question
involves using BSA as a stabilizer in a sample containing TATA binding
protein (TBP). What concentration of BSA is sufficient? I'm working
with TBP sample concentrations in the nM to low uM range, and currently
am using .5 mg/ml BSA. Can I get away with 1/10 of this concentration
(to avoid the fluorescence problem entirely)? I am looking for the
easiest solution to this problem, and a quick solution is preferable 
to an elegant solution. Please respond by e-mail to my address.

rsfee at



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