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In article <1994Apr27.122201.19234 at ensmp.fr>, 91rey at ravel.ensmp.fr (Olivier REY <91rey at cc.ensmp.fr>) writes:
>	I would like to know a bit more about the thermal resistance of
>staphyloccocal enterotoxins. I am studdiing the staphyloccocal enterotoxins
>in apertised mushrooms in order to evaluate if they are thermostable or not.
>	This problem is also connected to the regeneration of enterotoxins
>by a urea treatment. 
>	If someone knows a bit more about it, I'd be pleased to get the
>		School of Mines, Paris
>		Olivier Rey
>		91rey at cc.ensmp.fr

   Some of this type of info is discussed in a review of Staphylococcus 
enterotoxin production related to foodborne disease:

	Staphylococcus aureus: Production of extracellular compounds and 
        in foods - A review.  Halpin-Dohnalek and Marth, J. Food Protection
         52:267-282, 1989.

	Enterotoxins of Staphylococci, Chapter 4. In Handbook of Natural
  	Toxins (Hardegree, ed.), Marcel Dekker, 1988.

	Production, purification, and identification of the staphylococcal
	enterotoxins.  Tranter and Brehm, J. Appl. Bacteriol. Supplement,
	1092-122S, 1990.

Hope that helps,
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