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>IMHO, the water in almost any tank needs a water change much more
>frequently than once a year. My best success was doing 20-50% change
>WEEKLY. ( My fish spawned, raised young and spawned again. ) Fish can
>survive with less frequent water changes but is all there is to life
>just survival?
>Sue Jeffrey
>sjeffrey at mskcc.org
>What do I know, I'm only a tech!

Well, I've never had my fish spawn, so I guess that just goes to show.
My experience has simply been that the water remains clear w/ minimal
odor for a year w/ only weekly filter changes, and that the fish seem
happy.  Also, the changing of water seems to traumatize (scare the h___
out of) the fish, and tropicals especially seem susceptable to shocks.
This is also pretty much the advice that I'd found in books on aquarium
keeping, but I tended more to the basics and never tried to induce
spawning.  (Well, guppies do breed like rabbits, and even they spawned
for me -- the young were mostly eaten.)  I *did* exchange 5-10% every
2-4 weeks myself (it's been a little while since I've had my aquarium
"up"), but my main point was that it shouldn't be necessary to *completely*
change the water more than 1/year.

It was also my understanding that breeding often required special conditions,
not usually found in the gravel bottom/plastic plant/community tanks that
most "amateurs" keep; at least that's what I recall from the books.

BTW, how do you tell if a fish is happy?  I always thought that if they
where disease-free and swam about actively, then I was doing things right,
given that I hadn't set up the special conditions mentioned in books as
pre-requisites for spawning.

All this talk makes me want to get the tank going again.

schlosser at beta.ciit.org

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