Question on XY stuff, please help?

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Studies were published which purported to show a link
> between XYY and aggressiveness & criminal behaviour; it is generally
> regarded that these studies were poorly conducted and used biased samples.

I am curious if there have been any studies that show a link between levels of
testosterone in men and subsequent sexual aggressiveness? Is testosterone
the main reason that men want to have sex with women? Are there a variety of
reasons...and if so, then what percentage would male hormones account for the
desire of males for sexual intercourse? 

I am interested in the full spectrum of behavior...from simply asking the girl
next to you to dance - to date rape. Is there any correlation between a man's
sex hormones and his behavior?

It seems that lately a lot of attention (and consideration) is given to women
during times when hormones flood their bodies causing various mood altering
effects...such as during the menstrual cycle and during and after pregnancy...
but is the same understanding being afforded to men and *their* hormonal cycles?

I am interested in any studies and opinions in this regard. You may contact me
on or off list.

Many thanks.

Laurence Galian
drmljg at 

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