Dan Wainstock dwainst1 at cc.swarthmore.edu
Sat Apr 30 11:12:49 EST 1994

In article <01HBRIRBHV5290NF42 at delphi.com>, HPUTZ at BIOTECHNET.COM wrote:

>   The original posting was in regards to two O+ parents, not one.
> Your explanation concerning the "bombay blood tyoe" only holds water
> if only ONE parent is O+.  Otherwise, it is IMPOSSIBLE for
> TWO O= parents to give birth to a A or B child.

I don't think so.  If one parent's GENOTYPE is:
hh (Bombay) Rh+  with blood group antigens AB, BB or OB,  i.e., apparently

and the other parent is:
HH (not Bombay) Rh+  with blood group antigens OO,   i.e., apparently O+,

then their child could quite easily be B+.

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