Blood donation market (was: HELP FOR DIMITRI!)

Jim Hsu jimhsu at ATHENA.MIT.EDU
Sat Apr 30 00:37:31 EST 1994

>In article <2pq3in$d7n at> sasha at (Alexander Chislenko) writes:
>>   Is it so difficult to figure it out or am I missing something?
>speculations.  Once blood donation, for instance, becomes known as 
>the poor's last resort, donation will actually decrease.  There are a 
>Mike Holloway
>mhollowa at

If you're paying for donations from well off, non-drug using individuals,
such as straight A students, it would hardly become known as the poor's
last resort.  I think the original poster's ideal is marvelous.  Pay for
good blood, and economic pressures will increase donation.  If there is
a desperate shortage of type O blood, paying for it seems to be a good
solution for getting more O blood, right?

Pardon my ignorance, but haven't they developed a pig that produces
human blood?  Or maybe it's only for plasma.  What do you bio.hackers
think?  Can we engineer human blood so donations are no longer necessary?

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