Announce: Entomology WWW Server at Iowa State

John VanDyk jvandyk at
Sat Apr 30 16:29:39 EST 1994


Universal Resource Locator:

Main features of the WWW server are:

- Physical facilities at Iowa State
- Degrees available at Iowa State
- Faculty contributions at Iowa State
- Extracurricular opportunities at Iowa State
- Entomology Faculty at Iowa State 
- Entomology Graduate Students at Iowa State 
- Entomology Image Gallery 
- Other Entomology-related Internet Resources 
- Other Entomology-related non-Internet Resources 
- Insects as food (recipes soon to come)

Entomologists will find the two compilation lists of resources valuable.
These lists were compiled with the help of many Entomo-L'rs. Those perusing
the WWW server are welcome to send any resources I have missed to
jvandyk at, and I will add them to the list.

At this point, the list of non-Internet [electronic] resources consists of
descriptions of entomology-related CD ROMs.

The Image Gallery contains pointers to other Internet image archives, as
well as images we've made here. The image list will continue to grow as I
find time to do the grunt work involved in adding more images. If you have
entomology-related images you would like to make available to the Internet
community but do not have the hardware or capability to do so yourself, we
can add them to our list (so long as disk space isn't a problem...and at
this point, it isn't).

This WWW server was constructed and is maintained by John VanDyk. Feedback,
suggestions, and submissions are appreciated.

A Gopher server, which will mirror most of the WWW information, will be
available soon for those without WWW access.

John VanDyk, Medical Entomology
436 Science II                   ( Internet: jvandyk at
Iowa State University                          FAX: 515-294-5957 )
Ames, IA 50011 (USA)

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