Happy Fish? (was Re: Silly Question (there's no such thing) )

Peter M. Muriana muriana at aclcb.purdue.edu
Sat Apr 30 11:38:30 EST 1994

In article <199404291330.GAA28644 at net.bio.net>, SCHLOSSER at ciit.org (Paul Schlosser) writes:
>sjeffrey.mskcc.org at net.bio.net (Sue Jeffrey) writes:
 Fish can
>>survive with less frequent water changes but is all there is to life
>>just survival?
>>Sue Jeffrey
>>What do I know, I'm only a tech!

>My experience has simply been that the water remains clear w/ minimal
>odor for a year w/ only weekly filter changes, and that the fish seem
>happy.  Also, the changing of water seems to traumatize (scare the h___
>out of) the fish, and tropicals especially seem susceptable to shocks.
> I *did* exchange 5-10% every 2-4 weeks myself (it's been a little while 
since I've had my aquarium"up"), but my main point was that it shouldn't 
be necessary to *completely* change the water more than 1/year.

	As one of the previous posters to this thread reminded - changing 
the water depends on the fish density, and on the degree with which one
may "overfeed" their fish. The detritis/fecal material collects in the 
gravel and will facilitate an anaerobic environment.  What may help the 
water quality is an "undergravel filter" which essentially keeps the gravel
bed off the bottom so water can circulate through the gravel and up one or 
more "airlift" tubes.  I used to raise African cichlids which are a hardy 
and aggressive fish, and found no problem breeding several different types
in the same tank.  But I would never consider starting a tank without an
undergravel filter!

>All this talk makes me want to get the tank going again.

	Likewise, now where would I put a 50 gal. tank?................

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