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Sat Apr 30 12:12:41 EST 1994

In article <1994Apr29.172319.14733 at news.wrc.xerox.com>, bbigb.henr801b at xerox.com (Bruce Bigby) writes:
>Does anyone know if it is possible for two parents that are both type O+
>to have a child that is B+?  I want to know even if the outcome is
>remotely possibile.  If you can site literature that supports the possibility,
>I would be greatful, but it is not necessary.
>Please respond by email.

No, o blood type is recessive, and B (along with A) is dominant.  If both
parents are o then they must be homozygous recessive for o allele. 
Consequently they can only produce o gametes.  A o gamete fusing with another o
gamete can only produce oo offspring.
The B allele must come from someone hat is either BB or AB.  This person could
produce gametes that contain the B allele.


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