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I apologize for two errors in my previous post--I left out the words 
"genes for" and I turned a "B" into an "O."  The corrected response is below:

Kathleen Anderson (vstr18a at mercury) wrote:
: Bruce Bigby (bbigb.henr801b at xerox.com) wrote:

: : Does anyone know if it is possible for two parents that are both type O+
: : to have a child that is B+?  I want to know even if the outcome is
: : remotely possibile.  If you can site literature that supports the 
: : possibility, I would be greatful, but it is not necessary.

Yes, it is possible.  There is something called "Bombay blood group,"
first seen in (but not limited to) India.  Bombay blood group person
appears to be Type O by conventional blood typing, but is actually
lacking a precursor from which the A and B antigens are formed.  This
person may still carry GENES for A and or B antigens, which can be passed 
on to offspring, and since offspring will most likely get the functional
precursor from the other parent, the combined outcome can be a type A or 
type _B_ child.  (Two Bombays could produce a Type AB child but this is a 
quite remote possibility, since Bombay blood group is "rare."

: Source:  _A Dictionary of Genetics_, King and Stansfield, 1990.

Kathleen Anderson 
(vstr18a at sfsu.edu)

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