Question on XY stuff, please help?

Bryan Douglas Crawford bryanc at
Fri Apr 29 12:55:50 EST 1994

remillac at ERE.UMontreal.CA ("Remillard Carmelle V.") writes:

>> On 27 Apr 1994, Geoff Camp wrote:

>> I was talking with a group of people about people whose XY chromosomes are
>> "screwy," like XXY, etc, and someone recalled hearing about men who were
>> for some reason EXTRA-masculine.  That is to say, they were very hairy and
>> extremely aggressive, very MALE.  We wondered if it were in ANY way
>> possible to get an set of chromosomes that were XYY, or how genetically
>> this could happen.  Could someone be XYY, or maybe just Y ?  Thanks in
>> advance to anyone who answers!
>> Geoff Camp

>In answer to your question, yes it is possible to get an XYY male..  It's
>a special case of heterochromosomic aneuploidy where there addition of a
>chromosome, much like the case for Trisomy 21 where you have an extra
>chromosome 21.  The problem could be due to a translocation of the
>chromosome onto another during chromosome replication.

It can also occur by simple non-disjunction during spermatogenesis, yeilding
sperm with two Y chromosomes.  Also to follow up to the point made by Remillard
about XYY 'supermales' being over represented in the prison population, I 
believe that the study you are refering to was with respect to Klienfelters
Syndrome (XXY, not XYY), and that subsequently, the statistics used to support
this hypothesis were discredited.  Current evidence does not support the 
hypothesis that any anuploids yeilds a 'criminal' phenotype.



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