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>***High tech crime and biotechnology:  New York's "organlegger" 
>(kidney thief),

This is a serious matter and there's no language strong enough to 
properly express my anger.  There are few things that piss me off as 
much as some unthinking idiot passing on this myth.  7 people a day 
die on the transplant waiting list after waiting months to years for 
a transplant that didn't come.  Maybe you'd like to meet these 
people.  They're good people.  A large part of the reason for why 
people don't donate is that irresponsible myth.  Its not enough that 
this myth is feeding into anti-US sentiment in Latin-American 
countries and causing the beatings of Americans and the kidnapping 
of American children.  Apparently it has to be spread over the net 
as well.

There is no evidence for it anywhere in the world, and not for lack 
of tabloid fear mongers trying their best to twist and stir things 
up with as much indirection and innuendo as they can possibly 
muster.  We'll no doubt see some of this reasoning from idiots 
trying to link this myth to human rights abuses in China.  You seem 
to have something to do with biology.  Maybe you've heard something 
along the way about immunology and graft rejection?  Are you going 
to claim that you don't realize why the story is even mechanically 
and biologically impossible?  Do you need it explained to you?  
Maybe you didn't know how severe the donation crisis is in this 
country.  Now you know.  Stop helping to make it worse.  

Mike Holloway
mhollowa at

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