Quick Eugenics survey

Neil Anthony Armstrong u9348425 at wumpus.cc.uow.edu.au
Sat Apr 23 22:35:04 EST 1994

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It would be very much appreciated if you could take the time out to
complete this short survey. This would greatly help me in my research.

After each question please answer Y for yes, and N for no.

(1) Do you know what eugenics is.          			 

(2) Do you agree with the practice of eugenics.

(3) Would you agree to eugenics if it could wipe  out a
fatal inherited disease in 1-2 generations (genetic cleansing)   

(4) Do you agree with the "Aryan" race that 		
Hitler tried to create. (The creation of a "master" race)	  

(5) Do you agree with the cloning of humans.		  
(6) Do you agree with gene banks that could allow 
humans to select certain genes that they might desire.	  

(7) Do you think eugenics is immoral on religious grounds   

(8) Do you think that redesigning organisms for	  
the benefit of humans should be allowed.			       

Sex: Male   Female 

Profession: ________________________________________

Religion: __________________________________________

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