Animals in advertising - discuss?

Robert Burns burns at
Mon Aug 1 09:24:14 EST 1994

Anthony Tomlinson <anthony at> wrote :

>In Cell 77:7, in the first few pages of ads, there is one for RIBI
>Adjuvant System, in which a white rabbit in a lab coat (photo) is 
>being interviewed about its views on RAS.  Is it just me, or is this 
>ill-conceived, exploitative, a slap in the face of those scientists 
>try to defend the use of animals in science as responsible, and ample
>fuel for those who claim the opposite?  Or is it just cute, and okay
>because the rabbit doesn't *look* too unhappy?  Please post;  I think 
>ad is stupid and irresponsible, and that we as scientists need to 
>ourselves, or someone will do it for us. 
>Anthony Tomlinson.
>P.S.  I suppose it could be a stuffed rabbit...........

I agree, I dislike these anthropomorphosised animal ads. Not only
in the scientific press but also with food animals on TV etc.

Robert Burns
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency


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