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BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at NET.BIO.NET
Thu Aug 4 14:07:26 EST 1994

> 	I am a journalist for the Los Angeles Times
> newspaper, and am doing an article based on the usenet and
> Internet services in general.  I've decided to include the
> bionet.general newsgroup to the section which pertains to usenet.
> 	I would like to discuss how the Internet is helping to
> provide doctors and researchers with tools to assist them.  Such
> as genetics databases available to the public and private institutions,
> and various tools to help researchers.   Any other issues relating to
> bionet.general will also be applicable.  Please contact me.
> 	If you would like to be quoted in the published article
> (anonymous if you would like), please send e-mail or call
> voice at the following locations:
> 	Email: NORTHFORGE at
> 	Voice: Toll free, 1-800-LATIMES ext. 73492 (ask for Adam)
> Thanks for your feedback,
> Adam S. Bauman
> LA Times Reporter

I talked with the reporter above and was told that this message was a
fake.  Adam has been doing investigative reporting on abuses of the
Internet, such as uncovering a recent pornography ring at LLNL, and,
apparently in "revenge," hackers are forging messages under his
username.  Please don't bother him with any phone calls or e-mail.


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				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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