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Fri Aug 5 07:47:18 EST 1994

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>I couldn't agree with you more.  I know that I yse logic to defend that
>which I visceraly feel is right.  Sometimes this feeling is instinctive,
>sometimes it is almost spiritual in nature, but my oppions do not directly
>flow from pure logic.  Nor should they.  There is much about our "animal
>brains" which is ver noble.  For instance the idea that children should be
>protected from harm is not a logical human deduction but is a
>characteristic of all mammalian species.  I could "logically" argue that
>it is a good thing to say let some children starve to death thus
>subjecting our species to some degree of selection and improving the race
>as a whole.  My animal brain will not let me hold this view.  
NPR ran a piece on the death of famous anthropologist who died last week
(who's name I promptly forgot).  This person had studied a tribe in Africa
which, due to tough living conditions (I believe) had developed a culture
where children were *not* protected from harm (and the same for the elders).

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